Helpful advices

Helpful advices

  • You can make on-line order for policy 
  • Get the policy (free delivery of a policy)
Office of Insurance company:
  •  Come to one of the offices of Insurance company 
  •  Have documents necessary for policy completion 
  •  Pay the amount of coverage 
  •  Take the policy
  • Call the number (2) 58 70 90 or 7090 Call is free of charge from any mobile operator
  • Give copies of documents and the cost of policy to express messenger.
  • Get policy (free delivery of a policy)
  • Buy the insurance policy on-line in 3 clicks and get it by free delivery to your home or office!
  • Apply for mortgage loans in several banks at the same time. 
  • The primary contribution will amount to at least 10% from total cost. 
  • The employment history on your last working place shall be at least 6 months. 
  • When choosing a real estate consider the amount you can pay at the moment 
  •  Carefully review the penalties, fines and terms of early repayment 
  •  Decide with the scheme of payment: Payment in in equal installments (annuity) or differential payment
  • Independently select the insurance company with beneficial rates for insurance of mortgaging real estate 
  •  Please remember, real estate, purchased in the mortgage is pledged to the bank 
  •  Considering the duration of mortgage loans, take care of your loved once and and insure yourself against accidents  for the period of mortgage loans

  • Clean your home;
  • Turn off and disconnect all the appliances from power line;
  • Aerate your apartment;
  • Cut off gas and water in your apartment;
  • Close balconies and doors;
  • Close the windows tightly;
  • Give the keys from your home to your relatives or friends for care after indoor plants and pets.
  • Give the keys from your apartment to your relatives or friends for care after indoor plants and pets.
  • Apply and register the insurance policy (of house, of apartment) and enjoy your holiday!

  • Stop your car and turn on emergency brake alert;
  • Install the breakdown triangle;
  • Take measures in order to provide incidental medical service for victims of road traffic accident;
  • Call the emergency ambulance - 103;
  • Call the road traffic police - 102;
  • Do not move your car until the inspector arrival;
  • Call average commissioner;
  • Record contact details of witnesses of road traffic accident

  • Before leaving abroad learn traditions, laws, religion and culture of the country;
  • If necessary apply and get visa to enter a country;
  • * Get to know about the injections necessary to visit the country;
  • * Buy fractional currency for initial period of time;
  • * Learn about the climate and hour zone of the country in Internet;
  • * Make the list of places to visit;
  • * Download the maps in your mobile or graphic tablet;
  • * Translate the most common words on the language of the country of residence;
  • Apply and get medical insurance for tourists, leaving abroad
  • Complete the plane for move in another apartment or house as well as the list of items;
  • Provide yourself with packaging materials for your property: Boxes, bags, air bubble film, aerated plastic, compressed bag, packing tape
  • Do not make boxes too heavy for easy carrying;
  • Mark the boxes with information related to their content in order to unpack them more easy;
  • Always mark boxes with fragile items;
  • Do not take extra load, with no regret trow out unnecessaries or give them to people in need.
  • Determine the mean of cargo transportation: By your own means or by using the services of a transportation company;
  • When transporting furniture or large-format items it is better to hire loaders;
  • When selecting a transportation company pay attention to its reputation and Internet notices;
  • Insure your property for the period of move in order to preservate them.

  • Make a list of items;
  • Lay out and assess the volume;
  • When you go abroad do not take things just “for security”;;
  • Pack your clothes in compact manner “in rolls”;
  • Put delicate things inside of outer clothing;
  • Pack your things in packs in order to protect them from moisture and dust;
  • It is better to take one large suitcase than several small ones;
  • The weight of tourist’s baggage shall not exceed 20 kg;
  • Take money, credit cards, documents and gadgets in carry-on baggage.
  • Buy policy of insurance for tourists.


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