Buy a policy and choose your present!

Buy a policy and choose your present!

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Draw up a policy of Mandatory Insurance of Civil Liability of Motor Vehicle Owners for your car and get one of the six warranted gifts at your discretion! The delivery of the policy within Almaty is free!

After drawing up policy of Mandatory Insurance of Civil Liability of Motor Vehicle Owners for your car one the following gifts will be available:

  • Car wash free of charge (car saloon + body)

The client will get the talon for single visit of car wash center (car saloon/body). You can activate talons within all term of insurance policy validity.

  • 20 liters of gasoline. The client will receive talon allowing to get 20 liters of gasoline 92 octane for free from Helios filling station.
  • Auto SPA set. The client will get Auto SPA set for car care 2000 KZT.

The client will get the coupon with nominated value of 2000 KZT as a gift. (the delivery of this gift is not expected)

  • Hull insurance for the amount of 100 000 KZT.

The client will receive the additional protection for his car as a gift. Policy of voluntary insurance of the car for the amount of 100 000 KZT.

  • Free technical inspection

As a gift the client has right to receive the talon for free technical inspection in Almaty

Promotional action conditions:

  • The promotional action applies only to means of transport of Class B (cars), registered in Almaty
  • The promotional action applies only to policies drawn up for a period not less than 12 months
  • The promotional action applies to persons possessing rights for insurance benefits in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Gifts provided by promotional action can not cumulative with each other or with other offers of the company and can not be converted into cash
  • The promotional action is active until 31.12.2017

The following direct sale offices in Almaty maintain the promotional action:

  • Zharkentskaya str., 3 Gornyi Gigant Microdistrict
  • Magnum, Gagarin ave, corner of Eskaraeva str.
  • Magnum №1, Zhetysu microdistrict 3, 1G
  • Magnum №2, Ryskulov st (corner of Dzhangildin str)
  • Magnum №7, Ak-Bulak microdistrict, AZTM str. 273
  • Timiryazeva str., 42 V, block F, 3 floor (corner of Auezov str.)

For further advice contact 24/7 call center 258 70 90, 7090


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«Standard» Сақтандыру компаниясы» АҚ сақтандыру портфелін сақтандыру ұйымы «Сақтандыру компаниясы «Сентрас Иншуранс» АҚ берілгендігі туралы хабарлайды. Сақтандыру полистарын қайта жасасу, бұзу және сақтандыру портфелінің берілуі туралы келісім бойынша, келесі мекен-жайға хабарласуыңызды сұраймыз: Алматы қаласы, Медеу ауданы, Жаркент көшесі, 3.

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