Main types of brokerage services and nominal holding services at the financial market
Purchase and sale of securities

Suitable for clients who prefer independent decision-making and capital management.

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For physical persons

Make money on stock growth

Invest in companies with high growth potential, selected by our analysts.

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For legal entities

A wide range of brokerage services for legal entities, with no limits on investment amounts.

You can make your business more profitable by investing in promising securities.

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Standard Investment Company JSC offers main types of brokerage services and nominal holding services at the financial market
График Purchase and sale of securities Make money on selling securities, receive profit in the form of dividends/coupons. Become a co-owner of a large company. Improve your financial knowledge and skills.
График Money market transactions Money market transactions allow for profitable attraction or placement of cash liquidity against securities (REPO operations).
График Nominal holding transactions You can write off your securities or transfer them from any accounts opened with other brokerage companies, pledge your securities or remove the encumbrance.
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